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Best prepaid calling card to call Brazil from Spain

prepaid card El Dorado

Prepaid Card El Dorado

Price insurmountable Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, etc.

El Dorado also gives you money!

For every card you buy will have the opportunity to earn 200 € a week.

You can call Brazil from 1.5 cents per minute.

Secure Payment Guaranteed: paypal visa mastercard

Rechargable CardCard with rewardsCard with speed dial

Minutes of calls to Brazil with 10 €

From private fixed line

377 minutes

acceso gratuito

From mobile/ADSL

653 minutes

acceso local

From a phone box

56 minutes

acceso publico
The private fixed line is the most suitable for use at home and / or phones without flat rate for national calls.
The fixed line with ADSL or a mobile is best suited for mobile flat rate for national calls (only charge the rate card).
Using your Prepaid Card you can make international calls or national from a phone booth without putting money.

Other local access rates for Brazil

  • Brasil - 0.015 euros/min
  • Brasil - Brasilia - 0.009 euros/min
  • Brasil - Móvil - 0.06 euros/min
  • Brasil - Móvil Telemar - 0.06 euros/min
  • Brasil - Móvil TIM - 0.06 euros/min
  • Brasil - Rio de Janeiro - 0.007 euros/min
  • Brasil - Sao Paulo - 0.006 euros/min

Call Brazil from Spain

Call Brazil from Spain with international phone cards "El Dorado". The best rates for call from Spain to Brazil with international prepaid cards. Use our search engine and we will recommend the prepaid card for international calls that gives you more minutes for the destination you wish to call. Make international calls to Brazil now and start saving on all your calls!