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tarjeta telefónica Tropicanas

Prepaid Card Tropicanas

A card to talk and talk and talk!

The best rates to never stop talking.

A card you can talk and talk and talk anywhere in the world, for prices that make mute ... to the competition!

+3 Euros free with recharges of 10 Euros or more.

Do not hesitate and purchased easily and quickly Tropicanas card.

Secure Payment Guaranteed: paypal visa mastercard

Rechargable CardCard with rewardsCard with speed dial

How it works?

With the Tropicanas Prepaid Card you can make calls abroad at very low prices:

To use your card Tropicanas:

First, you call the access number. Choose the number that best fits your needs.

Second, after calling the access number, wait until they ask for the PIN and enter it (the PIN number is the unique identifier of a card).

Third, after entering your PIN number, dial the number you want to call with your international access code. For example, in case you want to call France, would be 0033 + phone number.

Notice: The card will expire in 60 days from the first call.

Access numbers from Spain

From private fixed line

900 805 687

acceso gratuito

From mobile/ADSL

91 151 87 37

acceso local

From a phone box

acceso publico
The private fixed line is the most suitable for use at home and / or phones without flat rate for national calls.
The fixed line with ADSL or a mobile is best suited for mobile flat rate for national calls (only charge the rate card).
Using your Prepaid Card you can make international calls or national from a phone booth without putting money.